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Philco Table Model Radio, circa 1937 Model 37-630

My folks bought a radio just like this one in 1937, the year that I was born
and I grew up with it.

The radio covers 530Kc to 1700Kc on the broadcast band and from 2300Kc to 7400Kc
on the first short wave band, then from 7500Kc to 22000Kc on the second short wave
band. For some reason it didn't cover the 160 meter amateur band.

I vividly remember my family listening to the news coverage of the Pearl Harbor
bombing on this radio, and my father picked up Tokyo Rose on it during WW2.

I spent hours listening to this radio. I remember many of nights where I listened to the
amateur activity on 75 and 40 meters. This really perked my interest in becoming a ham
radio operator, not to mention all the great radio programs of that era.

In the mid 1950's my father gave the radio to his friend without asking me if I wanted it.
Surely I would have objected to it's being given away, but by the time I found out about
it, it was too late.

I was looking for a radio exactly like the one that we had when I was growing up. My
good friend Frank Butscher, W6SZS spotted this radio at an antique swap meet about 10 years
ago and told me that he would keep his hand on it until I got there to purchase it.

I recently had to repair the radio and took these pictures. The radio still had the original
wet electrolytic filter capacitors in it. One of them failed and it had to be replaced after
67 years of service.

The radio is built extremely well, performs great, sounds good and in many ways out
performs consumer type radios that are on the market today.


I mainly use the radio today for listening to my old time radio programs and music that
are broadcast to it via a carrier current transmitter from my MP3 player.